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                                  About Clinopharm

Clinopharm was founded under the premise and commitment to be a stepping stone to empower our community of clients economically with opportunity and to create a thriving network of successful professionals. Clinopharm is widely rcoginized for its clinical research education, training and staffing programs and consulting services for clinical research professionals worldwide. As of today, our staff stands by our success to deliver on our community empowerment premise and we remain committed to improving our ability to perform up to the Clinopharm Mission.

Well-known for our role-based training curriculum for Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) and Clinical Project and Trial Managers Clinopharm's approach provides learners with a unique training experience focused on core competency development.

​At Clinopharm, we are very proud to say that each member of our staff have an honest commitment to the overall purpose of our mission and are committed to continual improvement. We desperately want our students and clients to win! We live our mission on a daily basis and this is evident through the strategic alliances and partnerships that we have formed in our auxiliary programs for the sole purpose of benefiting every student and/or client that comes through our program.

Why Clinopharm

At Clinopharm, each training session welcomes enthusiastic students eager to learn. We specialize in providing professional clinical research training, catering to both beginners seeking an overview of the research process and those at advanced levels desiring nuanced therapeutic-specific training for a profound understanding of their Therapeutic Area.

Our training equips students to enter the field confidently and prepared. They not only secure job offers but also leave with a strong sense of purpose, committed to advancing the future of drug development. Clinopharm serves as a valuable resource and stepping stone for our clients throughout their careers in clinical research.

Clinopharm Offers Four Unique Career/Training Programs

I. Clinical Research Associate
II. Clinical Trial Manager

The resources required to take this online course are: an Internet connection and a phone. After registering online, you will receive an email confirmation that provides you with the Web Seminar link and audio connection information. Prior to the start of the course, participants will also receive comprehensive course materials. Come to class enthusiastic and prepared to interact – you will be able to ask questions, provide feedback and participate in discussions and group work. Upon successful course completion, participants will proceed to the interview process where we continue to provide assistance and preparation.

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