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Live Post Hire Training Services

Our experienced trainers watch over your work, assisting and answering any questions while guiding you through the process to maximize engagement and retention dexterously.

Program Goal

To ensure you’re getting the most out of your training. We provide a safeenvironment to make mistakes so you can succeed in your new career.

Med-Fi Living Units Coming Soon for Med-Fi Live Clients!

Services we Provide

  • Work Shadowing & Mentoring

  • Monitoring Visit Prep & Conduct Assistance

  • Protocol Breakdown

  • Email Writing & Etiquette

  • How to Stay Organized

  • Timesheet Writing

  • Tracker Creation Assistance

  • Presentation Prep

  • Report Writing Assistance

  • Confirmation and Follow-up Letter writing

  • Data Review Assistance

  • Expense Report Writing

  • How to book travel 

  • On the job billing 101

  • And more!